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Monday, September 26, 2005

-Mactel- HATARI - Atari ST Emulator for Mac x86

This is the fresh one ! An emulator of Atari ST for Mac OS X x86.
The original app website is : http://hatari.sourceforge.net/

At first I had created a wrapper around it using Platypus and some bash scripting , given that when you compile it from source, you only get a console application, with no icon and launcher. But it was not enough, it required root privileges every time you wanted to run it. Now I've created a package that installs all the required files and it asks you for the password only at install time.

You can download it from HERE


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hatari ships with a complete Xcode project file, there is no need to compile it in console mode and no need to run it as root!

9:54 am


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