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Friday, September 23, 2005

-Mactel- Fresh Meat

GMail Notifier

Some fresh ports as I'm getting more accustomed to Xcode tricks:

DNSupdate - Useful if you have DynDNS.org account
Dropscript - A droplet wrapper for shell scripts
Edenmath - A scientific calculator
Gmail Notifier - A Gmail mailbox dock app. It even speaks!


Anonymous Wintermute said...

After extracting the tar, when I double-click Gmail Notifier.dmg, I receive the following warning:

The following disk images failed to mount:
Gmail Notifier.dmg
Reason: error -192

Any ideas?

4:01 am

Blogger Roach Kommuter said...

It is now fixed. Some of the dmg get corrupted in the process of creating them. Anyway now it should work.

8:14 am

Anonymous wintermute said...

Works great now. Thanks!

4:52 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can't download Gmail or Calculator - not sure why

6:06 am

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Download link is broken. Would really like to have this app. Thanks! ;)

3:55 pm


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