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Thursday, September 29, 2005

-Mactel- Gomoku and Disk Inventory X

The first is the well known game. The other is a utility to see what's eating away all your disk space.

Disk Inventory X

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

-Mactel- Eavesdrop Packet Sniffer


Here is a port of Eavesdrop a network packet sniffer.

Hosting Facilities

I see that ultrashare isn't the most reliable of all hostings, but seriously, anybody know of a decent free space hosting server around? I need it for my ports.

Monday, September 26, 2005

-Mactel- MenuMeters system info bar

Menumeters is a cool app capable of displaying a set of info tools (CPU, Memory, Disk Activity , Network) on the top bar in Macosx. I've had some hard time compiling this to run on x86 mac, since it contained some sort of a hack, a ppc binary called Menucrack.menu. Thus I had to search its source and compile it too and pray it would work. It works now.I fixed the bug which prevented the Disk Meter to show correctly.

Roach Commuter

You can download MenuMeters from HERE

-Mactel- HATARI - Atari ST Emulator for Mac x86

This is the fresh one ! An emulator of Atari ST for Mac OS X x86.
The original app website is : http://hatari.sourceforge.net/

At first I had created a wrapper around it using Platypus and some bash scripting , given that when you compile it from source, you only get a console application, with no icon and launcher. But it was not enough, it required root privileges every time you wanted to run it. Now I've created a package that installs all the required files and it asks you for the password only at install time.

You can download it from HERE

Friday, September 23, 2005

-Mactel- Fresh Meat

GMail Notifier

Some fresh ports as I'm getting more accustomed to Xcode tricks:

DNSupdate - Useful if you have DynDNS.org account
Dropscript - A droplet wrapper for shell scripts
Edenmath - A scientific calculator
Gmail Notifier - A Gmail mailbox dock app. It even speaks!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

-Mactel- Hidden ports


here's a few Mac OS X x86 ports that I've made,
hope you'll appreciate :

TigerLauncher - A Launcher bar for applications
Transcend - A very nice OpenGL game
DropCompress - A droplet wher you can compress files any flavour you want tgz,zip,bz2 etc
Iconverter - A tool to convert mac icons to png jpg or other format
Screensavers - Various Open Source Screensavers
Jhymn - A tool for removing DRM from iTunes songs
iTerm - A good replacement for Terminal.app
KEGSMAC - An Apple II GS Emulator
Platypus - A cocoa wrapper for console apps and scripts
Pixen - A tool for creating sprites and pixel art
Quartzeroids - A game resembling asteroids
BROKEN-SMBManager - A tool to manage smb servers
Books - A tool to manage your books collection
OSX2X - A tool to manage X11 servers connection
Quake II - ID Software classic of all times

Update September 22nd:
It seems that some of the applications are broken due to Zerolink flag being turned on in project properties at compile time. I'll recheck them all and mark the broken ones while I'll be fixing the problem.